As of 7/1/22, psychological psychotherapy will be covered by basic health insurance under certain conditions. Rate negotiations have not yet been finalized, though we have been given initial information with reservations. I have applied for the corresponding approval for billing via the basic insurance.

Since at present the rates applicable for this in the canton of Geneva are still not bindingly fixed, I continue to apply my own existing rates:

  • Individual therapy/coaching: 150 CHF for 50 minutes
  • Individual therapy/ coaching: 75 CHF for 25 minutes
  • Couple therapy/ coaching: 150 CHF for 50 minutes
  • Couples therapy/coaching: 225 CHF for 75 minutes

Based on current information, my rate structure seems to be appropriate.


In case of additional insurances, the cost share varies considerably depending on the insurance. It is best to check with your health insurance company in advance.